“Betrayals are like a thorn in the finger.”

The Rose you held so close to your heart. It’s own thrones pricked you, tore your finger apart. And I agree now it hurts. Hurts more than you knew it could. More than you believed it would. It Hurts to be betrayed. When all you see in that rose is it’s beauty, it’s perfection; I agree, it hurts to realize that even it is even capable of causing such an enormous pain, especially to you.

And now your finger just like a broken heart burns in agony. Nonetheless, no matter how much that thorn hurts you, you are still scared to pull it out. Aren’t you? Cause you know your finger will begin to bleed if you do so. It might even hurt more. In Fact it will hurt more to pull it out. You will feel that sudden pang of pain through you, and it won’t be easy at all.
But, It is important.

It is important for you to forgive what happened. It is important for you to pull the thorn out, and throw it away, even if it means you might bleed a little in that moment. At least it’ll save you from the poison the thorn could spread. It’ll save you from the long lasting hurt. It’ll save you from You. That’s the only way you will heal. So you have to let it. 

When one loves someone with all they have, and in return they are betrayed or let down, yes, one is bound to feel broken. And forgiving that deed, it is never easy. One tends to replay all the When? How ? Why? In their head, with no fair explanation and nothing, just nothing makes it any better regardless of all the reasoning one tries to give. One may even consider not thinking about it, but it never works. 

The only thing that can heal a broken heart is forgiveness. Forgiveness is not an easy virtue. It takes a lot from you to accept what happened, feel what you feel and let it go. You need to let go of the bitterness, of the resentment. You need to take away the ability of that betrayal, of what someone did to you to hurt you anymore. You need to forgive others for what they did. You need to forgive how things played out. But well most importantly, you need to forgive yourself for believing what you believed and trusting someone with all your heart. 

You need to forgive yourself.

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