Sagittarius meets Gemini

Today a Sagittarius met a Gemini
Who justifying the sign that she bore
Set in like the Air
Like that’s exactly where she belonged.
And the stuck clock
suddenly seemed to tick on time
A new story, a new tale
It all started to fit in fine.
As conversation began to flow
Who knew could turn so fun
For all we know
We were for real talking about the moon and the sun.

And maybe it’s not the first time
A Sagittarius met a Gemini
Neither did the talk include something
Worth being glorified,
But just a simple normal hearty chat
That makes one smile
And I guess that’s what the evening was about
Living in that while.
After a year spent in the bore
Filled with stillness and void
Calling cheers to a new friendship
A new vibe enjoyed.

And who knows if this Sagittarius
Will ever meet that Gemini again
(finger’s crossed) 🤞🤞
But echo of that lively hour
I hope forever remains.

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