Wu Wei

I’ve been busy lately! Busy doing pretty much nothingCause well nothing Is sometimes the best thing to do. Sometimes one just needs to be,In that moment, live it Completely unforced. Act in accordwith what the universeStands to Offer. Believe the wonders of nothingnessFor even God made the creationEx Nihilo. As honestly at times unimportant thingsAre the most … Continue reading Wu Wei

A White Rose

My favorite flowerIs undoubtedly the RoseFor it always reminds me of Magic. The magic that I feltthe first time I went on a dateWith my best friendBack in the 8th grade.She gave me a white rosefrom her gardenand told me to ‘handle it with care!’As With that flowershe handed me her trust,A hopeFor it was … Continue reading A White Rose