Take A Break!

Most days I work really really hard
And I am proud of that
But on others
When My system just fails to start
I wonder if I should feel bad.

For I do not move a limb
I do not shed a thought
I go for hours
staring at the blank wall.
Without much effort
I just lay in my bed
It feels as if the air around
Has gone numb and dead.
All the important task
I readily postpone
As I sit there
Scrolling through my phone.

Until a guilt creeps in
Paralyzing me even more
As I look at others
Finishing their chores
With utmost focus
Moving ahead
My own inefficiency
Makes me dread.
And Each tick of the clock
Hits me with a blow
A sudden restlessness
Within me begins to grow.

But well
What i do not seem to realize
Even the day breaks
At night.
And sometimes
the most fertile of soil
Also needs time
To replenish its nutrients
Before the next toil.
So it’s fine rest
For your own sake
When you do not feel like it
Just take a break!

Remember, the days
you work really really hard
Be proud
But on others
When your system just fails to start
Cheer out for yourself
Much more loud.

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