My Version of Him

He is a version in my head
Just like I am in his.
Cause that’s what we all are right
Versions to each other
Versions we pick.

A Rare model I presume
Pretty complicated indeed
That even an engineer
fails to decode
As we speak.

So I just trust the version I see
That always has my back
Mentors me around
Gets my motivation
Back on track.

A version that paints me a rainbow
Adding in the best shades for me
With his acts and words
Driving away
My insecurities.

And when the days are dark
He sends me photos of the moon
Shining bright, Up above
Strengthening my believes that
Toughest of times have their own boons.

He’s a version of a dude
Who turned out to be my Unexpected Friend
An Altruistic
A Keeper
A version I hope does not change till the end.

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