To strive for knowledge is one thing 
To know it all, another.
And I do not wish to be omniscient.

For a person who knows it all
Seldom has the courage to know he is wrong
To accept a truth different than his 
To respect the unpopular opinion.
Yes, It is good to be wise,
But real wisdom comes with acceptance
Acceptance of possibilities
That the world stands to offer
To see view points of others
That one may not have realized
And remodel to a new thought
Welcome a good advice.

As well even the Methuselah tree
after all these years
Does not really know
Of the seasons the future beholds
And irony be we as humans claim
‘We know it all’.
So well the Great Basin Pine
agrees to adapt
As the days grow cold,
And that’s exactly what helps It grow
Wise and old.

For as they say
knowledge is not something
To be worn As a gold crown
Full of self and pride;
Rather a chaplet
That spreads its aroma
Humbles the mind.
Thus, I just aspire for gardens
Gardens I can pick flowers from
To entwine in my garland.

And so I say
I do not wish to be omniscient
I just wish to be a learner,
a learner till the end.

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