I love to write,
write about my thoughts, my beliefs
Things I see and the things I read.
I love to perform,
Perform my heart out
express my emotions clear and loud.
But the most of all
I love to share
Share what I write, share what I perform
With people of the world, in different forms.

And yet I wonder
How is it
That the last time I put up a piece,
It’s almost been a year.
Two years since my last open mic.
Ofcourse! It’s not something I am proud of
Not something of my likes.

So Well to justify it all
Can only say one thing
It’s because
I was trying to be someone I am not.

I wanted a perfect piece
Something that could travel across
And so I put up a line
Judging each piece I wrote.
Shunning my own creative space
Filtering opinions out
I compared it all
With what I saw in the crowd.

But Well after all this while
If I still don’t have my best piece
It’s for a simple reason
I was trying so hard to be someone I am not.
I was comparing to perfect,
Forgetful of the fact
That my imperfections define my strokes.

And My story definitely belongs in my own Font.

I was doing the beholders job for them
Being critical in advance
While what really mattered
Was my own outlook
My own personal stance.

So today the view point I share
Is quite an honest one
You might not be the best out there, Yet;
Yes, there’s a long way ahead
And you still have a lot to learn
But trust me, you must not fret.
Cause remember
The one thing that’ll always be true
And Believe it or not
You are definitely the best version of You.

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