Move On

Sometimes we wait too long
for things to turn better
For people to make things better.
We wait cause we ardently ‘believe’
Believe that we’ll find happiness
Right where we lost it.
With the people we last had it with
So we believe like fools
Fools in love.

And no doubt believing is good.

But to believe
That if we wait
at the same crossroad
where we’d last seen good days;
To believe
That a knight in shining armor
Will return down that path
and rescue us to better days
It’s naive.

Cause in real life
the princess in the tower,
needs to jump her way out
And rescue herself on her own.
She needs to move past
She needs to move on
To find the happiness she lost
She needs to move forward on that road.

And well moving on does not means
You stop believing
Or stop loving those cherished memories.
Cause to be honest, In life,
You can never stop loving someone.
But when you decide to move on
You just start loving yourself better
You start believing in yourself more.

So move on and trust yourself
For your own happy days
Unmask the knight of your dreams
Trust me
You’ll see your own face.
You’ll finally find your happiness
that’s been long due
Make a choice
Choose the road
That takes you to you.
Let your belief dwell
Again be a ‘Fool in Love’
But just this time
Fall in love with self.

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