Modern Patriarchy

That’s what it feels to be a women in a house that practices modern patriarchy. A fresh water fish in the vast sea.

Ofcourse! What the world sees is the infinite waters, for her to swim around. And that indeed is presented to her as if she was a privileged being. But she was not born to reside in the still reefs, for it is the flowing waters that define who she is.
So you say she is free, but does she really feel so from within?

Little do you know the same sea waters that you symbolize as her free space, is the one that suffocates her existence. And if some fish actually wins over the salty terrain, evolves and triumphs, ofcourse credits to the boundless abode.
Commendable are those who give her, her rights to swim, but who gave them the right to do so, I still wonder.

So well that’s what it feels to be a fresh water fish in a modern patriarchy.

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