You don’t Love me. Do you?

You Don’t Love Me.
Do You?

I am down with fever
The day was really rough
I just want someone to pamper me
When you step in
Lecturing me on stuff.

About how I should have proper meals
And take more rest
You get pissed on me
For overworking
and taking all the stress.

But annoyed in that state
All I wonder is
You don’t love me
Do you?

I come crying to you
I tell you of people who let me down
I really hope you’ll console me
Tell me at least you love me
When you tell a joke or two
And laugh it off like a stupid clown.

It fills me with even much more rage
When you rub it on my face
That I am naïve and people tend to lie
But then you hug me tight
Tell me to chill as you say
My love is enough for me
So nobody in this world
is worth losing my smile.

But I am all hurt in that moment
So I wonder
You don’t love me
Do you?

Yet again I am the weird one of the family
Arguing and getting into fights
It is one of those days
When nobody tends to understand my point.

And I look at you
Thinking at least you’ll take my stand
Fight them back with me,
Instead you give me water
and tell me to shush
Just before you tell the rest
“She might be a little crazy
But you better just let her be.”

But then full of fury
I wonder again
You don’t love me
Do you?

Well the truth is
I probably am right
You don’t love me.

You don’t love me when I want you to
You love me in every moment old and new.

You don’t love me the amount I want you to
You love me much more beyond my limited view.

You don’t love me the way I want you to
Cause you love me in ways much better
And in manners that are a lot more true.

You don’t love me because I want you to
You love me for You.

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