An Ode to the nose

I suffer from chronic sinusitis.

To put it in simple words
A day out in the garden
Cleaning rusty old shelves
Sitting in cold breeze
Or watching Kal Ho Na Ho.
It’s not that great for my health.

Cause well,
I am allergic to it all
pollens, dust, temperature change
And yes even to sad Bollywood endings
As tears for this condition
are the worst triggers any day.

And so whenever I cry
For as we know sorrow brings in
A lot of pressure
And in my case
Especially on the nose to begin with,
I feel congested
Stuck, confused
Unable to breath
I always tend to fall sick.

Followed by headaches
and itching in the eye
it never just stops at that
If not tended to
The trouble starts to multiply.

And on those days I believe
Only Poetry can heal
Both my blocked sinus
And my burdened thoughts.
So For my heart
I pick out the warmest words
While ‘Adrak wali Chai’
Is an Ode to the Nose.

And holding my cup close
Taking in it’s aroma
Reading it one sip at a time.
The pressure built in
seems to melt away.
The soreness tends to decrease
As it starts to feel warm inside.

And I believe this Ode is actually
The real solution to my problems
As honestly it’s not really the best option
To ignore all the beauty at stake
And well it’s not really a choice
When it comes to Pain or grief
They just tend to be.

But what I can choose
Is when it feels heavy
I keep myself warm,
May it be with a cup of tea
Or sheer words of poetry
Whatever it takes to breathe again
Whatever it takes for me to heal.

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