A White Rose

My favorite flower
Is undoubtedly the Rose
For it always reminds me of Magic.

The magic that I felt
the first time I went on a date
With my best friend
Back in the 8th grade.
She gave me a white rose
from her garden
and told me to ‘handle it with care!’
As With that flower
she handed me her trust,
A hope
For it was the beginning of us
Beginning of one forever affair.

Well she believed in that rose
The message it conveyed
She believed in the magic
That was there to stay.

That Rose was a symbol
of all the love she had for me
So I treasured it well
In the pages of my diary.
And it still blooms
Fresh with vigour and beauty
In my words that
Hold strong it’s warm aroma
For that’s what I owe my girls
A bouquet of roses
That holds a genuine persona.
Of Magic of love
Of an Unfailing trust.

And so now, whenever we meet
I pickout the best rose from my garden for her
That always makes our date complete.

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