How poetry saved me?

Hey there!
My dear New Friend
Let me tell you a little about Myself.

I am simple woman
Born in a small town
Surrounded by people
Who believe in following the crowd.
For they take it to be the easier resort
“Just play safe” that’s what I was always told.
And every time they reminded me
Dreams are not for the likes of us
The higher we jump
The deeper are the cuts.

So I was ready to give in
Just when I found some ‘Mushrooms’
Planted by Sylvia Plath
That’s the first time I was saved
With mere verses
That gave hope for my dreams to last.

And I am a millennial
Who’s heart belongs to older times
A sheer hopeless romantic
I trust in genuine bonds and forever ties.
I feel too deeply, love like a fool
Only to realize, fate, sometimes is really cruel.
As even though I gave my all to it
In the past, some friendships did leave me heartbroken
My forever didn’t last
I witnessed farewells, without any goodbyes spoken.

Nevertheless ‘When love arrives’
You welcome it with open arms
Is what Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye told me
I listened, and my heart was saved
And that’s how, despite all odds
I stand bold and free.

And well let me be honest
I agree, I am a little crack in my head
Or say ‘Weird’ as normal people call it
Though I prefer using the word ‘unique’ instead.
For I do not understand the rulebook
And the obvious stuff I tend to overlook.
I believe in good deeds and karma
So I hold my faith really high
High enough for all to call me crazy
Or tell stuff mean enough to make me cry.

But on days like that
Kahlil Gibran sends in ‘The Madman’
to help me claim back control
Embrace the imperfect me
His words save me
They always save my soul.

My dear new friend
In short I would say
I am the girl
Who’s just been saved by poetry,
Every Time I’ve ever read a piece
Truth being told
I’ve felt a part in me heal.

In fact, just the last time I was rescued
Was when I read a poem
About your Reason to write
I think I was lost back then
Clueless how to mend
When your perspective brought me back to life.

And that’s how poetry saved me one more time
By introducing me to you and your rhymes.

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