A Lost Friend 🤍

“I lost a dear friend”

Last night I had a dream
About this little girl
Not sure who she was
Pretty different from the world.
She seemed like a part of me
But well were we the same?!
I looked into her eyes
And suddenly
It was as if I was flooded with shame,
Because her eyes were so true
Clear as water
Pure like a pearl
Holding my reflection
As I looked in them
All my deeds came upon me
My lies began to unfurl.
I asked her who she was
And why was she here
With a belonging she said
‘I am your long lost friend, my dear.’
As I heard the truth in her voice
I felt a void in my soul
Something within incomplete
A major part missing from the whole
So I again asked her,
‘Where did I lose you?
Where did you go?’
She thought for a while
And then with a regret she spoke,
‘Walking down the aisle of life
You never happened to realize
In an effort to get the best
You lost me in your lies
You lost me when you had a choice
And you preferred the easy one
In the chase of being adored
You bullied others for fun
Yes I am the innocence you lost
When you were no more a child
But I didn’t go alone
I also took away your carefree smiles
And now for a better future
As you strive
There’s still an ounce of me left in you
I request you, please, keep me alive.’

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