Giving up on hope?

How can we never give up on hope?

I often wonder how can we be so naive
And Just never give up on hope
Even when life is busy
leading us down a treacherous slope.
Even when things are so clear
Everything so obvious out there
Even when the road leads to a trough
we look up at the crest
It’s funny,
How we always pick out the hope we like the best.
We play out our best stories on rewind from the start
We do it, till they have what it takes to break us apart.
And then we blame the hope
For landing us at a deceitful stop.
We cry and shout and scream and curse
when the only hope we have is lost,
and you got no more,
Trust me I know it hurts worse.
But well the only thing that can heal hope that’s crushed
Is a little more hope and a little more trust.
So, well honestly it’s ok,
It’s ok if our best hope does not end up being true
Cause there always lies that final one hope
That your best is for sure waiting for you.

So, How can we ever give up on hope?

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