Love Explained!

Love is not a bargain
Love is a gamble.
Wherein you put all your stakes
Unaware of what the turn awaits.

Love is about giving
Love does not take.
To love, is not to care
if those affections reciprocate.

Love is not fair
Love is unconditional.
Putting in one’s trust
Even in the things that could break.

Love is not Bound
Love is a choice.
So it’s quite naïve to expect
For all to choose the same.

Love is not made of guarantees
Love is made of hope.
It’s about finding your safe space
On a treacherous slope.

Love demands strength
Love makes one strong.
Real love knows how to differentiate
Between right and wrong.

Love is not taught
Love is a built in trait
And those who love, just know ‘Love’
No Hate entertained.

Love is what hurts
Love is what soothes the pain
A broken heart
Can only be healed with love again.

Love is not mean
Love is humane
Love is quite simple
And yet
Love is just complicated all the same.

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