The Bigger Plan

You know the view from my house
It’s the mighty dhauladhar range
But sometimes I cannot really see it
Well some days when it rains.
And it’s not that those mountains
Then Cease to exist
I understand it’s the weather
So I continue to believe.

Believe that they stand there
Bold and strong
Gigantic than ever
Right where they have always belonged.
And well my faith Never fails me
Cause as soon as the clouds shed
Yet again I can see
those fearsome ranges right ahead.

Well It’s simple
Sometimes in life during the difficult span
All we gotta do is trust
Trust the bigger plan.
Trust that it’s for the best
Even if we don’t see it through
Understand somethings out there
Are bigger than you.

And you got to be patient with your trust
Especially when the clouds are really thick
For that’s the way to life
That’s the only trick.
To Believe
To Believe in the good of the world
Believe that whatever happens, it does for a reason
And Just like the mighty Dhauladhar
Good things never cease to be
No matter the season.

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