A Borrowed Dream

I borrowed a dream
My best friend’s dream
And ever since I’ve lived that as mine.
Well I remember her telling me
How she wanted to write.
She’d once said
“Someday I’ll author a best seller”
And it’s like
that one statement
Changed me forever.
Because though it was her words
But I had never felt something
With much more passion in my life
So I borrowed a dream
And somehow made it mine.

Well she’d always write
beautiful verses for me
And some snotty pieces
for people who made me cry
And that’s how
it started initially
When her rhymes
Made me smile.
Her words made me feel loved
Gave me strength when I was a mess
And I just knew
That this was the super power
I always wanted to possess.
I decided to write
Write for my love
Pour my heart out
So I borrowed a dream
I borrowed it to make her proud.

And ever since then
These words she lent me
Had my back at every walk
Even in the darkest night
They held me, kept me strong.
And I agree
there’s a long way ahead
Before this dream turns to reality
But I just won’t give up
Because I know
She won’t ever give up on me.
So some day I’ll write my best piece
The one that makes her smile
For that was my borrowed dream
Using my words, to heal lives.

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