The Proposal

He never asked me out!
And well that was the beauty
Of his proposal.

Grand gestures
Expensive bouquets
People do it all
People have their own ways.
Sometimes they write a lore
Sometimes they sing and dance
But we were just people
Who fell in love by chance.

We met each other
Like two rivers meet the sea
A bond so effortless
You just know it’s meant to be.
So I recall, back in the days
Sitting in one boring lecture
Two people with sheer trust held hands
And thereafter,
They fell in love by chance.

And well I agree
A lot has passed since then
But I’d still take the same gamble
If it all were to play out again.
For in little things we lived it all
Friendship, Love, Romance
Once upon a time
When we fell in love by chance.

And the only thing he ever said
Was to believe one step a time
And now when I look back
I see we traveled a long mile.
So yes, it’s true there was no proposal
Just a collective stance,
Of two best friends
To fall in love by chance.

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