A Gypsy’s Soul

Floating like a cloud to places unknown
A gypsy’s soul wandered alone.
In search of a house
he could call home
All that traveler wanted
was an eternal abode.

So he looked past rivers
Across barren lands
He looked in places
Both petty and grand.
He searched and searched
For somewhere to belong
A place where he could exist
Without a right or wrong.

A place free of blames
Or any judgmental thoughts
A place where the kinsfolk
out rightly support,
Full of love
They cheer out loud!
In search of such a tribe
A gypsy’s soul roamed around.

Only to find within him
The solace and the peace
He always wanted in his life
The clear calm sky
That made him alive.
He himself was
What he always tried to find
A place like home
Was his own mind.

So there he found a feeling of belonging
Finally, when that gypsy glanced within.

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