Healing the Heart

“Healing the heart is like repairing a crack in the wall” 

I believe you would agree, that the most beautiful and the strongest of walls also sometimes tend to get a crack. And well a crack in the wall, even a minor one, eventually weakens the wall if not repaired on time. Just like the strongest of hearts. 

Sometimes the strongest of us also tend to get hurt. We tend to feel sorrow. Our heart breaks. And well if that heart is not healed, it eventually breaks one’s spirits too.

So well the wise word goes, It’s important to heal, both for the wall and the heart.

Ofcourse! I am no expert of the domain but I do know a thing, that when a mason repairs a crack, before they fill in the gap, it’s important to scrape out the rough end. And I guess, that’s exactly how one heals the heart. 

One must address the pain, face it, to really scrape it off our being. Our sorrow deserves to be heard by us. And agreed, it’s any day easier said than done, but that’s the process of healing. Well sometimes people, even when hurt, try to act up as the stronger person, they ignore what they feel, smile for the world, but trust me that only makes it worse. For that pain, that’s within you, demands to be addressed or else it will just widen the crack within. 

So cry your heart out when it hurts, shout, scream if need be, cause only when those rough edges are shed off from within, can your heart be filled again with love to heal.

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