A Guzzler’s Pride

And that was a guzzler’s pride
As he gulped down the jar of beer
All the voices went faint 
Little could he hear
Screams of terror
Cheers of joy
Taunt from the world 
Or comments that annoy.
With each pint 
He drank his sorrow
Blurred the truth out
He could no more hear
any snotty remarks 
Coming from the crowd.

And suddenly in that moment
all seemed jolly good
though his senses went blurr
But now he finally understood, 
What really matters in life
And how feeble his worries are
The guzzler suddenly took pride 
In being himself
In showcasing his scars.

The truth he knew to be true
It’s only when that faded out
He could see and hear the real world
Out there Clear and loud. 
A world that now 
did not seem 
all that bad to him
His spirits elated 
Flushed him with Adrenaline.

So he laughed, danced 
Hopped around 
Sang his heart out
Quite profound.
He called cheers to people
Cheers to self
Showered away all the love
That he was believed to have. 

Cause well that was a guzzler’s pride
A moment of happy high
That would soon black out 
In the memories of a hazy night.

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