Blank space


My grandma
Never went to school
Yet she was a learned woman.
She had travelled
Travelled across many horizons
And so were the tales she’d tell.
Every night before I went to bed
She would tell me stories,
Stories of mighty kings
And their swords
Stories from beyond the far-far land
And lonely roads.
Stories that filled her youth
Stories build with truth.
Her stories were precise and complete
As she cooked the whole plot
She would carefully choose the spices
She wanted to add on.
Every single detail
From the lush green terrain
In the oldest town
To the damping rain
It was all in there.
My grandma’s castle
Was built with fancy words.
And no matter
How late it would get
She always finished her stories
And only then went to bed.
But that day
Her stories seemed different
The land was not that lush green now
Nor did it rain
As there was no mention of it
And about the town
She wasn’t certain.
Her castle had lost some words
Leaving blank spaces behind
And yes, it all just worsened
With passing time.
She didn’t know of any kings
Leave alone the swords
She was scared to travel,
Travel along the lonely roads.
She was losing her memory
Is what the doctor said
Was what got into her head.
Well now
She could not even tal
And then finally one day
Her castle broke.
All words disappeared
All tales were gone
Leaving us behind
With a blankspace
To mourn.

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