Bad kid


I know I grew up to be a bad kid.


I remember the time

When the only objective of my life

Was to be my dad’s pride.

He was my hero

My mentor

My guide.

I would run up  to him

Each time

I was scared.

Whenever I was troubled

like some angel

He appeared.

Back then

I would tell him A million times

I loved him

And each time it was true.

Oh! Dad

Yes, That day

I saw him cry

When I was sick with flu.

He was my favourite friend

The one you babble to

Each time you’re happy or sad.

He would sometimes tell me stories

Of the time

He grew up to be bad.

And he’d say

‘I hurt my dad,

Oh! What a shame’.

I remember

I promised myself

I would never do the same.


But I just grew up to be a bad kid.


And Here I am

15 years later

Repeating the same mistakes.

I know I hurt him

Let him down

Trust me My heart aches.

Because I never wanted to

All I wanted

Was to be the reason for his smile.

It’s him, I got everything from

My knowledge, My humour

My style.

So, We are not different

Can’t be

Then what is this fight for.

I always wanted to be him

But I guess all he wanted

Was for me to be something more.

But how could I

As the only perfect being I know


it’s always been you.

And I know

I don’t say it that often now

But I love you

And yes it’s true.

Because, I know, even today

If I walk back to you

You’ll forgive me for all I did.

Love me for who I am


I grew up to be a bad kid.

7 thoughts on “Bad kid

  1. हर्षिता
    बहुत संवेदना भरे उद्गार व्यक्त किये हैं👌👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well written, Harshita. Your words and thoughts represent the beauty of your character. It shows how honest and beautiful your soul is. Also, you are a papa’s girl, of course. Looking forward to more of such thoughts

    Liked by 2 people

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