The Chosen Filter



One day somewhere,

my loneliness was with me

And a bit far away

we could see

Something shining very bright

But it was on a height

It was my future

my loneliness said

And suddenly

everywhere darkness spread

But still that something shone

Suddenly, came a voice from somewhere,

calling me a moron

That said don’t travel,

its dark today

You may not find your way

I looked for the voice everywhere

But no one was there

As I traveled further,

I kept on thinking of the voice

I wondered if by walking further

I had made a correct choice

I thought

who it could be

who warned me like that

Was it someone good

or was it someone bad

Just then

my loneliness told me to close my eyes

To look within me

and to my surprise

I could see the devil in me

known as fear

He was the one

who didn’t want me to reach there

So I asked my loneliness

what to do

It said the answer’s also in you

If you are really determined to reach your goal

The path leading to it

will be automatically shown by your soul.

4 thoughts on “The Chosen Filter

  1. Nice perspective on the soul and the devil. I especially liked the beginning quote. If you haven’t don’t so yet, I recommend linking to when they have prompts which is usually three times a week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Over time this will give you increasing exposure to other poets.

    Liked by 1 person

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