A walk to Remember

No-matter-the-journey (1)

That day on the way back

I found a companion so cute
He talked throughout the way

So I just kept mute.
What was being said

didn’t really matter for a while
As every single word he uttered

just brought me a smile.
It was just so special, to walk along
An experience beautiful like some summer song
For a moment,

it didn’t matter where we’d go from there

Thinking seemed difficult,

So all I did was stare
We spoke seldom,

but even in that silence talked a lot
Somewhere within me

so many emotions fought.
I wonder if accompanying you,

was right or wrong
still deep inside

I wanted this journey to last long.
But like everything

even that road came to an end
And yes

we had to part away my friend.
Because no matter the journey,

our destination was never the same
And it was the point

where the divergence came,
But still I said good-bye

with a hope to meet again
On some other day,

in some other lane.
And then I’d rather like to go on,

the road may lead us wherever ,
I hope the next time we meet,

our journey lasts forever.



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